Wednesday, June 16, 2010


yes i know, i've been MIA for a very long time.
still contemplating whether or not to shut down this poor bloggie of mine

i've had my one week plus break after the exams
and now its all back to classes, assignments and studyings ):
not like i even do all of the above . :P
but i've to change man. gotta start doing those assignments
gotta start studying since jan exams are gonna be HELL , literally

last week, i went to Bukit Gambang Resort in kuantan with the family.
it was my mum's bank sports club family day sort off.
it's worth going since it's almost free aiond we get accommodation, food and activities.
wanted to get a tan there, but unfortunately it rained.
it always does every time i've got the perfect opportunity to tan ):
so not fated with the dear sun

mummy and i

somehow the whole themepark were filled with penguins. it was like their mascot. :P awesomeeee

its true ;
YOU'RE just, the same ):

taaassss <3s
8am class tmrw. ): torture!

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流浪的风 said...

nice! may i be your friend?